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Port Macquarie in the top ten of the most searched areas of NSW on

In case you had not noticed it looks like the secret is out. Port Macquarie is among the top 10 most searched for suburbs or areas of NSW on over the past six months. When you consider that the top 10 includes mainly Sydney suburbs like Cronulla, Manly, Parramatta and Dee Why it shows how popular Port Macquarie is becoming.

It’s not just investors or retirees that are looking to Port Macquarie because one of the biggest groups to move here are young families escaping the Sydney rat race and crazy house prices. Why wouldn’t they with our great schools, stunning beaches and relaxed lifestyle? This can only mean an increase in home prices for years to come so don’t delay in staking your claim on one of the new stage 3 blocks at Ascot Park and start building your dream home.

Here is the list in full:-
Cronulla 22,600
Parramatta 18,770
Manly 17,930
Wollongong 16,870
Dee Why 16,870
Mosman 16,830
Chatswood 15,950
Liverpool 14,900
Hornsby 13,630
Port Macquarie 12,460